T. J. no longer maintains a general practice law firm. Instead, his focus is generally on a few clients at a time. For this reason he cannot accept every case that comes along. Instead, T. J. will talk to you about your case to see if there is a good match. Most of the time T. J. will then refer you to other professionals in the community who can better assist you, and there will be no charge. T. J. only accepts matters that are of significant societal import or those that rely on areas of T. J.’s expertise in some unique way. Typically, T. J. will charge a fixed fee for the work you request.

T. J. has represented receivers of property and has also been judicially appointed as a receiver in family law cases where the parties cannot agree on how to sell and divide real estate assets. T. J. enjoys focusing on the business side of dealing with real estate assets and will entertain acting as a receiver or real estate developer on your project, if that is your desire. A separate company, LRI, LLC., is utilized for this side of TJ’s business. In these ventures, T. J. will assist with the completion of your development project as a principal.

Finally, T. J. will represent you if you are purchasing property from $1MM – $100MM as a Buyer’s Agent. This work is performed under the banner of Silvercreek Real Estate, where T. J. is an associate broker. T . J. only represents buyers of land, investment and high end residential properties.

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