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T. J. obtained his undergraduate degree in Finance from Boise State University in 1993, and his Juris Doctor from the University of Idaho in 1998, however his professional career began before completing these studies.

In 1990, T. J. began his professional career as a real estate broker, specializing in investment properties. At the same time, he began investing in small multifamily properties and larger multifamily development projects. His projects typically began as ideas on paper that he took from concept to approved projects that he acquired, built and sold. In the 2000s he engaged in single family lot development, developing lots for a local builder team he cultivated. While many of those projects did not escape the Great Recession’s real estate crash, he quickly pivoted back to his roots, successfully developing income producing multi-family and commercial properties in the Boise Metro area in the years that followed.

After passing the Bar Exam in March of 1998, T. J. founded and managed a law firm initially called Angstman Law, PLLC. Focusing primarily on the real estate industry, the firm grew rapidly into a well-regarded firm with as many as 25 to 30 employees. T. J. frequently lectures on real estate topics for continuing legal education in the state of Idaho and has been a guest lecturer at the University of Idaho College of Law. T. J. received the Idaho Business Review’s 40 Under 40 award and it’s Leader in the Law Award. After being certified by the Idaho Real Estate Commission T. J. taught the required law class for Broker candidates. In 2021, at age 53, T. J. left the firm he founded and now focuses on real estate acquisitions and development. He still maintains a solo law practice called Angstman Law, PLLC, but is not actively accepting legal work.

T. J. has handled many notable litigation cases in Idaho, including the successful defense of former Tamarack Resort owner and developer Jean-Pierre Boespflug in litigation with Credit Suisse over a $300 Million loan guaranty, the Hubble Homes proposed class action regarding water in crawlspaces at Leo’s Rosecreek Subdivison, Private Prison litigation that discovered the private prison operator in Idaho was defrauding the state (leading to termination of their contract), and various matters representing the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustee recovering fraudulent transfers. T. J. has represented countless real estate agents over the years in licensing/disciplinary disputes and has formed hundreds of companies for developers and local businesses.

T. J. had many mentors over his career and is grateful for the help he received from his mentors and colleagues. Leaving the big firm law practice has freed up time for T. J. to participate in start-up investing, giving him the opportunity to mentor local entrepreneurs and invest in exciting new companies. He has aligned himself with a local angel investing group to pursue more opportunities to mentor local entrepreneurs.